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Baby Steps

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I am learning to be healthy. Food makes me healthy and it has the power to make me very, very ill. It all depends on what I put onto and into my body. Welcome to my space? I can’t promise to be funny or smart or post top quality pictures and recopies. I’m not a doctor and I can’t always tell what’s wrong with my body but I’m starting to figure out a thing or two about keeping it healthy. I won’t be pumping out original recipes like mad or teaching you any fancy kitchen tricks, at least not for a while. I won’t even have a fancy page-layout. But I am excited to share what I am learning and hope that you too can join me on my journey to health. Baby steps really. Thanks for being here with me.

Author: whenieat

I'm Alicia. Feel free to join me as I post about life :) I'm married to a wonderful man, working as a preschool teacher and facing the challenge of living and eating gluten and dairy free.

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