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What a week.

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This week has been filled with insanity. This post is my – oh my goodness, there is a squirrel having a nap on the fence directly outside the window – part of the insanity might be because I have a terrible attention span and can’t get anything done… but seriously, that squirrel is just lying there with his eyes closed. baaahhh.

Apparently my brain has decided to take a vacation. But you can take a look at some pictures from this weeks kitchen disasters adventures while I see if I can join my brain wherever it is.

A breakfast disaster

This was last Saturday’s breakfast. I spent about an hour looking for something yummy to create for breakfast and this was the best I could find. This is what I found, a grain-free German Apple Pancake recipe that looked INCREDIBLY delicious. There were some slight problems though, I didn’t want to serve 10, we didn’t have any apples and I may or may not have messed everything up when I reduced somethings by 1/2 and some by 3/4. I’ll figure it out all out eventually, maybe. It end up tasting like a cross between bread pudding and quiche, two things I very much dislike.


I make milkshakes pretty much everyday. Sometimes I think I’m getting pretty good at them… and then this happens. One magic bullet cup full just about tops up my Starbucks thing. On tuesday I over fruited the bullet cup and had to take some out, add more milk and do it again with the other remains. Following? It doesn’t really matter, all you really need to know is that I ended up with one and half times the normal amount of milkshake and that much does not fit inside the Starbucks thing.

We love pancakes!

There’s not a lot you need to know about this picture, just that at 9:30 one night this week Amy and I decided that we needed pancakes. So we made pancakes. Amy had blueberries in hers, I something like a 1/4 cup of maple syrup on mine.  I was not kidding when I said that I love breakfast.

Squashy squash.

Amy is a nice friend. Amy bought me a squash. I cooked the squash, I stuffed the squash with a quinoa and beans concoction and took it to work. I ate half the squash without barfing. Yuck. I think I’m going to have to start small by hiding it in something before I made it the focal point of my dish. Welp. I’m still learning!


At some point this week I started making a recipe that called for either chia eggs or real eggs. I started out by making a cup of chia eggs and then while it was sitting, I forgot about it and used real eggs instead. Somebody was kind and put it in the cupboard for me to find happily sprouted this morning. I’ve never had a Chia pet before, I think I will name them Sal.

And with that, I’ve run out of pictures. I have a carrot apple loaf cake thing in the oven right now, we’ll see if that inspires a post of it’s own or if next Saturday will find it in the pity line up. Personally, I’m hoping its worthy of a post 🙂


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I'm Alicia. Feel free to join me as I post about life :) I'm married to a wonderful man, working as a preschool teacher and facing the challenge of living and eating gluten and dairy free.

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