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tmi? tmi. a gross post.

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Warning: What you are about to read dangerously flirts on the TMI!! side of personal information. Just fyi. The pictures don’t though, so feel free to look at those 🙂

And that is seriously good news, folks, cus let me tell you what they’ve been like these past couple of months. Actually no, I’ll pass. Ya’ll can use whats left of your imagination to figure this one out.

Backtrack. Did you know that every bowel movement has a story to tell? Lets’ say for a moment that you were able to overcome all overwhelming desires to flush and run, what would you find? Make a ring with your thumb and index finger, note the inner circumference. Now bend your wrist up and look at the distance between your wrist and inner elbow. At my very first appointment with Lynn I was absolutely shocked to find out that a “healthy poop” is supposed to be roughly the size of both those measurements, easy to pass and notably compacted. Gross eh? And seriously impossible. I mean, 1 year ago I could have counted the amount of times I have (shockingly) seen that in the water.

Turns out, it really does happen when you are healthy.

Feeling pretty healthy today eating at Terra Organica 🙂

As many of you all know, last summer was the most incredible one of my life. I finally began to have energy, an excitement for life, a new attitude and I discovered an incredible passion for healthy living. And plenty of happy healthy poops! Horray! Then came September, October, November, December, January and February. Each had their own high’s and low’s… but mostly the lows – including and not limited to a simply stated, lack of healthy poops. After seeing Lynn this month she stuck me on the most absolutely horrible tasting parasite cleansing remedy humanly possible to create. Nastttttyyy stuff to kill off nasty stuff. One of the side effects of the parasite die-off has been random debilitating stomach aches that have come with no warning after eating. I’ve had 5 of them thus far and there is nothing traceable between any circumstance – it seems there is no predictability to the pain. It has been frustrating and discouraging to feel worse when I am supposed to be feeling better howeeeevvvveeerrrrrrrr, I am feeling better! Many of my parasite causing symptoms have gone away or lessened, and everything in the toilet has been looking much more optimistic this past week (or so) I know that I have a LONG way to go, but a healthy poop is a drop in the right direction!

Ben feels healthy too! (If by healthy I mean sleepy)

Ben feels healthy too! (If by healthy I mean sleepy)

Thanks for reading through all that! I know it was probably hard for some of you. Here’s a picture of my dinner to help cheer you up! It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever made but it was an absolutely delicious way to wrap up a lovely day spent with my wonderful wonderful wonderful Fiance and [parts of] my awesome family.

Happy pooping everybody!


Gunna turn this into you-know-what!

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