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Saltspring Island

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Ben and I said farewell to summer with a trip to Hippie Mecca, also known as Saltspring Island, last weekend with my family. My parents booked a lovely little cottage in the middle of a hobby farm and we happily spent the weekend climbing mini-mountains, singing to sheep, racing around the porch, kayaking and poking jellyfish, eating plums, going to markets and hanging out with my crazy family. Through it all, we took pictures with the newest member of our new family, Wallenby.


Selfies on the ferry 🙂

The Saturday market was filled with all sorts of amazing booths – so much of it I could eat 🙂 My favorite was probably the gluten free, dairy free, all organic grains olive bread from Laughing Daughters Bakery. Close runner up was the lady selling raw vegan gluten free goods. I bought a heavenly coconut macaroon that had just a hint of ginger. Ah. Soo good!


Ben eating the amazing bread 🙂

After the market the fam-jam headed out to get lunch we stopped at the Harbour House restaurant and organic farm. After eating the food we went out back for a tour to see where it all came from. Forget 100 miles, the 100 meter diet would be possible here!


In the entrance


Both Ben and Dad ordered these amazing looking chicken burgers 🙂



On Sunday we hiked a mini-mountain and were rewarded with an amazing view of Vancouver Island and some of the other Gulf Islands. It was a perfect little hike with a huge reward 🙂


Looking across to Vancouver Island

On monday morning Ben nearly swallowed a fly… I wonder if had anything to do with Javier’s and my impromptu rendition of ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’ the night before.


There was a young man who [almost] swallowed a fly…

And on monday he swallowed something a bit more enjoyable, sorbetto from Salt Spring Gelato. Best part? I could eat it too! Have I mentioned that I LOVE that island?  Because if I hadn’t, I love that island. The people there have such a commitment to healthy living and environmental stewardship through the products they make, and by the way they take care of the resources they have. Love it. Love them. Love food that I can eat!


The glorious sorbetto.

Our trip ended monday evening with a ferry ride back to the mainland. I’ve been forever tainted and can’t wait to go back 🙂


What a gorgeous place

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