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*Disclaimer: I actually wrote 2 posts the night I wrote this one and published the first and set this one on queue. SOO when you get to the part about me sitting on the couch eating popcorn, I might not be sitting on the couch eating popcorn anymore.. there is a possibility of that, but its not likely. That shouldn’t alter your impression of the post. Right?*

Ben and I have been married for nearly two months! Horray! This second month has flown by an unbelievable pace. It honestly feels like we could have been married for years… sort of. These past months have been awesome 🙂 However there is one drawback to my new living arrangement… I find that I only seem to cook if both Ben and I are home for dinner. If he’s gone, then you should probably bet money that I’ll be eating pop-corn for dinner. Love the pop-corn!

Tonight, Ben is gone. He’s off on some fun sibling adventure and won’t be eating here tonight. So, here I am, sitting on the couch, curled up in a blanket (because I’m still a Perello at heart), eating pop-corn and looking at blogs because why would I make dinner for myself or be remotely productive when I could get lost in the endless world of pinterest. I am starting to think life was better back when we didn’t have internet in our house… most productive, at least.

Anyways, I’m sitting here wondering how these crazy blogging ladies have time to post incredible amounts of content that a. is interesting, b. has pretty pictures and c. somehow wrangles me into staying and reading another, and another, and another post. Practice, most likely. And a theme that makes sense.

Take the homeschooling blog that has all things home-school or a vegan cooking blog has all things vegan-cooking or the girl who wants to tell you about her life and has all things about her life. I’ve realized, I think, that I need to revamp my blog. If I actually want to make this a thing that gets updated more often then once every 2 months, I need to talk about a lot more then food. I still like food, I love eating and I am getting better at cooking, but I think for this thing to fly that I need to expand. I think that’s the direction I want to head. Expansion. Pictures and posts of life, of people, of food, of progress, of pain and of love. And maybe an outlet for all my crazy rants about the failures within the conventional food system and any other things that I want to rant about… preschool, food, our squeaky car… Oh, Neville. As the saying goes, the possiblities are endless. Really. As deep and as wide and as endless as pinterest. If not more.

… probably not though, I don’t think anything could be as endless as pinterest. But this might help me be *somewhat* productive with my time on those evenings that I find myself eating pop-corn for dinner.

Anyways, with all of that… enjoy a couple snapshots from our life so far 🙂


Sibling bonding on the Youth Leaders retreat


Mrs. Wimpy Pants


We love this sign 🙂


Found this one on the camera. Ben was feeling artsy 🙂


Two crazy bananas go on a road-trip to Seattle


Ben and his good lookin’ men


The day that Mat moved in.


Fake it till you make it.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Author: whenieat

I'm Alicia. Feel free to join me as I post about life :) I'm married to a wonderful man, working as a preschool teacher and facing the challenge of living and eating gluten and dairy free.

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