i eat well


Alicia, 20. A name and a number. I guess the point of having a blog is to share something you are excited about. Well, I’m excited about food. Good food. And that, along with personal bits, but mostly food, is probably what you will find here on whenieat.

When I eat, I eat good food.
When I eat, I don’t eat glutenous garbage. No wheat, no gluten guaranteed. There will be none of that here, no way Jose.
When I eat, I don’t eat sugar, or dairy. Honey,yes, and lots of it, but no sugar. Maybe one day but until I have fully healed those are out of the picture.
When I eat, I often cook from recipes I find online. And if I post about those I’ll be sure to link back so you can check out even more yummy goodness from people who are better at this than me.
When I eat, I like to take my time and enjoy my food. This is something new for me, but it’s one of the most enjoyable things I have discovered, to savor, that is.
When I eat, I give thanks. God is important to me, and I’m learning to be as excited about the gospel as I am about food
When I eat, I like to share my food with others. Like you. So here we are.


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