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Breakfast Blackberries

Last night Amy and I went blackberry picking along the highway. We had a great time of laughter and fun, purple fingers, terrifying protectors-of-the-blackberries humongous spiders and a Russian Little Mermaid rendition. Also, matching spider bites on each of my butt cheeks. We were honked at over 5 times but that’s probably in part due to our terrible planning abilities- tights and lulu lemons really get the attention when you’re sticking your butt out towards the highway, braving the brambles and reach for that bit of heaven too far away. Butts out, blackberies in. Pretty sure that at least one of those honks though, was a result of me scratching those matching bites through my skin tight pants. Whoops. TMI? Anyways, I felt a bit like a gorilla rebel going against the forces of the farm markets as I filled my bucket again and again with free berries. We were definitely the winners of the 100 mile diet yesterday!

In the end we came home with a giant pail full – aka 3 baking sheets full of berries plus a bowl in the fridge and a dumping for Amy’s breakfast cobbler. Not bad for just one hour of highway robbery.


Amy’s Breakfast Cobbler aka Alicia’s Lunch Cobbler

Aaannnddd, that brings me to the point of this post. Breakfast. Yum. Amy ended up making a blackberry peach cobbler that looked delish! She saved me some but  I’ll be having it for lunch instead. Mom recently bought me a new box of quinoa flakes (*Note for you readers: I will always accept donations of quinoa) and I have been itching to try quinoa flake porridge. We often have porridge with whole quinoa but I’ve been getting pretty tired of the texture and have been looking for something new.

A while back, I bought myself a bag of Bobs Red Mill breakfast cereal blend -gluten free, of course, but before I could give it a try, I discovered that I cannot have corn. Alas, the search continued.  This morning I remembered the box and felt inspired for quinoa flake porridge. So, I searched the interwebs for a recipe of my liking. This one from dishes and dishes was exactly what I was looking for. (Thanks!) Simple, quick and delish.

Easy Breakfast Quinoa – Serves 1, 10 minutes total time.

Here it is, lookin’ pretty as it cooks.

1/3 cup Quinoa flakes
1 tbsp Chia
1 tbsp Flax
2 tbsp Unsweetened Coconut flakes (plus more to top)
1 cup + 1 tbsp Coconut milk (plus a bit more to top)
1 cap-full vanilla
4 (ish) dashes of cinnamon (plus one on top)
Honey (Definitely optional)
Throw everything except for the blackberries and honey into a saucepan and cook on medium heat.

Mine cooked for as long as it took me to put everything away and change over a load from the washer to the dryer. So, not for very long. Then I put it in a bowl, mixed in some blackberries, sprinkled some more cinnamon and coconut flakes and drizzled a minute amount of honey on top. Stirred it up and… SO good. New favorite for sure.
I loved that it turned purple. Colour is fun.

Purple breakfast!

Then I took it outside and had breakfast with the rabbit.

Too cool for school. The breakfast buddy.