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I have so many thoughts, so many tangents on those so many thoughts and so many rabbit trails after that. Wheeeeep.

Grace. Grace. Grace. This has been huge in my head this past week. You know that song, “grace, grace, god’s grace. grace that is greater than all our sin.” That one. It has been stuck in my head this week. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling very led towards the idea of grace. Grace. Not the prayer before a meal and not the idea of being graceful. The dictionary has a billion meanings for the word. The grace I’m thinking of is the grace of redemption. The grace that is given when you don’t deserve something. The grace that is not earned.

Last week, a teenage girl was murdered in Surrey. Yes, people are murdered and die everyday but I don’t live in a reality where those truly cause me concern. However, something was different about this one. It was the police car and police tape hanging out right my bus stop reminding me that she was murdered within walking distance of my house that truly freaked me out. Fabulous, I love being afraid of murders on the bus.

Obviously, I’m not pro-murderer. For goodness sakes, I was too scared to take the bus on Thursday and Friday and had Ben drive me to work! I was afraid of a monster. But then, someone was arrested and charged. And today when they released his record, I was reminded of grace. It says he was bounced from foster home to foster home, has a criminal record dating back to childhood and never felt loved or valued. Maybe, just maybe, if someone showed him just an once of grace, spoke to him with joy, gave him some love he didn’t have to earn, MAYBE, a seventeen year old would still be alive.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if we just loved the people? 1 Peter 1:22 says, “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.” Love each other deeply, that’s a challenge, really. I notice we are all for “fairness”. We think people should love us back, love should be earned. I think fairness has become a cover for “I want it my way and don’t want you to have it your way”. When did we become so narcissistic? Grace is different. It’s not for us and It has to flow freely, Romans 11:6 says, “but if it is by grace, it is no longer the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace.” Grace isn’t something you do because you have to.

In preschool and daycare I often notice a lack of joy in both the children and staff, myself included. What is joyful about telling someone for the upteenth time to ‘stop running!’ or ‘don’t do that’ or to do something that ultimately, doesn’t really matter. Do you care if there are still 2 blocks left on the floor after they cleaned up? Well, maybe but that’s not the point. The point is, when do we stop and think about what we are doing. What does a child learn when their efforts are not acknowledged, only their mistakes? If they have tried so hard to remember to walk inside but we become frustrated the one time they forget, what does that teach them? Or when they spent 10 minutes cleaning up the blocks only to miss a few, why didn’t we help them? Where is the grace?

Grace. Murders don’t deserve it. I can’t earn it. Children need it. How do I live in a way that reflects grace? Personally, I wish we could all move to the mountains and leave the city behind. Leave the rush, leave the race. That way, maybe we’d remember what it’s all about. Grace. Let us live in the grace that we have been given in all circumstances.

IMG_0652In the mountains, my head is clear. In the trees, I know what grace feels like; grace is freedom. 


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New direction?

*Disclaimer: I actually wrote 2 posts the night I wrote this one and published the first and set this one on queue. SOO when you get to the part about me sitting on the couch eating popcorn, I might not be sitting on the couch eating popcorn anymore.. there is a possibility of that, but its not likely. That shouldn’t alter your impression of the post. Right?*

Ben and I have been married for nearly two months! Horray! This second month has flown by an unbelievable pace. It honestly feels like we could have been married for years… sort of. These past months have been awesome 🙂 However there is one drawback to my new living arrangement… I find that I only seem to cook if both Ben and I are home for dinner. If he’s gone, then you should probably bet money that I’ll be eating pop-corn for dinner. Love the pop-corn!

Tonight, Ben is gone. He’s off on some fun sibling adventure and won’t be eating here tonight. So, here I am, sitting on the couch, curled up in a blanket (because I’m still a Perello at heart), eating pop-corn and looking at blogs because why would I make dinner for myself or be remotely productive when I could get lost in the endless world of pinterest. I am starting to think life was better back when we didn’t have internet in our house… most productive, at least.

Anyways, I’m sitting here wondering how these crazy blogging ladies have time to post incredible amounts of content that a. is interesting, b. has pretty pictures and c. somehow wrangles me into staying and reading another, and another, and another post. Practice, most likely. And a theme that makes sense.

Take the homeschooling blog that has all things home-school or a vegan cooking blog has all things vegan-cooking or the girl who wants to tell you about her life and has all things about her life. I’ve realized, I think, that I need to revamp my blog. If I actually want to make this a thing that gets updated more often then once every 2 months, I need to talk about a lot more then food. I still like food, I love eating and I am getting better at cooking, but I think for this thing to fly that I need to expand. I think that’s the direction I want to head. Expansion. Pictures and posts of life, of people, of food, of progress, of pain and of love. And maybe an outlet for all my crazy rants about the failures within the conventional food system and any other things that I want to rant about… preschool, food, our squeaky car… Oh, Neville. As the saying goes, the possiblities are endless. Really. As deep and as wide and as endless as pinterest. If not more.

… probably not though, I don’t think anything could be as endless as pinterest. But this might help me be *somewhat* productive with my time on those evenings that I find myself eating pop-corn for dinner.

Anyways, with all of that… enjoy a couple snapshots from our life so far 🙂


Sibling bonding on the Youth Leaders retreat


Mrs. Wimpy Pants


We love this sign 🙂


Found this one on the camera. Ben was feeling artsy 🙂


Two crazy bananas go on a road-trip to Seattle


Ben and his good lookin’ men


The day that Mat moved in.


Fake it till you make it.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Saltspring Island

Ben and I said farewell to summer with a trip to Hippie Mecca, also known as Saltspring Island, last weekend with my family. My parents booked a lovely little cottage in the middle of a hobby farm and we happily spent the weekend climbing mini-mountains, singing to sheep, racing around the porch, kayaking and poking jellyfish, eating plums, going to markets and hanging out with my crazy family. Through it all, we took pictures with the newest member of our new family, Wallenby.


Selfies on the ferry 🙂

The Saturday market was filled with all sorts of amazing booths – so much of it I could eat 🙂 My favorite was probably the gluten free, dairy free, all organic grains olive bread from Laughing Daughters Bakery. Close runner up was the lady selling raw vegan gluten free goods. I bought a heavenly coconut macaroon that had just a hint of ginger. Ah. Soo good!


Ben eating the amazing bread 🙂

After the market the fam-jam headed out to get lunch we stopped at the Harbour House restaurant and organic farm. After eating the food we went out back for a tour to see where it all came from. Forget 100 miles, the 100 meter diet would be possible here!


In the entrance


Both Ben and Dad ordered these amazing looking chicken burgers 🙂



On Sunday we hiked a mini-mountain and were rewarded with an amazing view of Vancouver Island and some of the other Gulf Islands. It was a perfect little hike with a huge reward 🙂


Looking across to Vancouver Island

On monday morning Ben nearly swallowed a fly… I wonder if had anything to do with Javier’s and my impromptu rendition of ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’ the night before.


There was a young man who [almost] swallowed a fly…

And on monday he swallowed something a bit more enjoyable, sorbetto from Salt Spring Gelato. Best part? I could eat it too! Have I mentioned that I LOVE that island?  Because if I hadn’t, I love that island. The people there have such a commitment to healthy living and environmental stewardship through the products they make, and by the way they take care of the resources they have. Love it. Love them. Love food that I can eat!


The glorious sorbetto.

Our trip ended monday evening with a ferry ride back to the mainland. I’ve been forever tainted and can’t wait to go back 🙂


What a gorgeous place

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What a week.

This week has been filled with insanity. This post is my – oh my goodness, there is a squirrel having a nap on the fence directly outside the window – part of the insanity might be because I have a terrible attention span and can’t get anything done… but seriously, that squirrel is just lying there with his eyes closed. baaahhh.

Apparently my brain has decided to take a vacation. But you can take a look at some pictures from this weeks kitchen disasters adventures while I see if I can join my brain wherever it is.

A breakfast disaster

This was last Saturday’s breakfast. I spent about an hour looking for something yummy to create for breakfast and this was the best I could find. This is what I found, a grain-free German Apple Pancake recipe that looked INCREDIBLY delicious. There were some slight problems though, I didn’t want to serve 10, we didn’t have any apples and I may or may not have messed everything up when I reduced somethings by 1/2 and some by 3/4. I’ll figure it out all out eventually, maybe. It end up tasting like a cross between bread pudding and quiche, two things I very much dislike.


I make milkshakes pretty much everyday. Sometimes I think I’m getting pretty good at them… and then this happens. One magic bullet cup full just about tops up my Starbucks thing. On tuesday I over fruited the bullet cup and had to take some out, add more milk and do it again with the other remains. Following? It doesn’t really matter, all you really need to know is that I ended up with one and half times the normal amount of milkshake and that much does not fit inside the Starbucks thing.

We love pancakes!

There’s not a lot you need to know about this picture, just that at 9:30 one night this week Amy and I decided that we needed pancakes. So we made pancakes. Amy had blueberries in hers, I something like a 1/4 cup of maple syrup on mine.  I was not kidding when I said that I love breakfast.

Squashy squash.

Amy is a nice friend. Amy bought me a squash. I cooked the squash, I stuffed the squash with a quinoa and beans concoction and took it to work. I ate half the squash without barfing. Yuck. I think I’m going to have to start small by hiding it in something before I made it the focal point of my dish. Welp. I’m still learning!


At some point this week I started making a recipe that called for either chia eggs or real eggs. I started out by making a cup of chia eggs and then while it was sitting, I forgot about it and used real eggs instead. Somebody was kind and put it in the cupboard for me to find happily sprouted this morning. I’ve never had a Chia pet before, I think I will name them Sal.

And with that, I’ve run out of pictures. I have a carrot apple loaf cake thing in the oven right now, we’ll see if that inspires a post of it’s own or if next Saturday will find it in the pity line up. Personally, I’m hoping its worthy of a post 🙂